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Welcome and Congratulations!

     You are now entering 2021. You did it; you survived 2020. If you were lucky, the worst thing that happened was you accidentally stepped in murder hornet poop. Many were not so fortunate. It is likely that you did not achieve all the goals you set for yourself last New Year’s. You probably didn’t accomplish the personal change you had envisioned. We’re here to help. 

     At BJCorp®, our mission is making people feel good. No one Love and Care About You™s more than we do. While we can’t build a new gazebo for you or bedazzle your great aunt a new urn, we can build and bedazzle you -- anew! And that’s exactly what we’re doing. 

     To receive a carefully curated, mint-condition identity, simply register below by entering your mailing address and the name you’re ready to abandon. We’ll send you a certified identification card outlining the basic details of your fresh start. For too long you’ve been running from yourself through fields of broken glass; let us take your shoes and teach you to walk a mile. It'll be the last resolution you ever have to make.

     Already received your new identity? Enter that name below and any questions you have about who you are. We'll examine your file and get back to you with all the information you need.

Who am I?

Goodbye baggage!


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