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Meet The Me's In Team


Ben Peterson

Ben Peterson has borne and raised Alaska. Or was it the other way around?
He is fond of creating bits, committing to bits, partaking of bits, champing at the bit, puttin' on the bits, and giving a little bit of his love to you. He also enjoys hearing about bits a bit.

He is a comedian, a writer, a father to none, and a mother to some. He is also a cinephile, which is a lot friendlier than it sounds.

Though he wants to be remembered as "soup's biggest fan," Ben is most well known for his fro.

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(Jessica) Ida Taylor

Jessica—or Ida, depending on which side of the bed she gets out of—has been imprisoned in Alaska since her birth. Literally, born into a cage.

Although she has been unable to gnaw through her chains, she has managed in captivity to find things she loves. At least two! One of those things is bits. She is smitten with bits. She eats shrimp and bits for breakfast. She is constantly scrolling bits' Facebook at 2am. What a bitwit.


She hopes one day to completely become a bit herself.

Ida does comedy, filmmaking, writing, and even tickles some ivories. Jessica might do more if it weren't for her crippling self-esteem. Poor thing.

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Poot Taylor

What is there to say about Poot that hasn't already been said? Coming from humble beginnings, like all Taylors do, Poot, at the age of a month, convinced Ben and Jessica to take their bits public.


Now the Chief and Chairbear of the B&J Bits organization, Poot is being considered for many prestigious accolades, including but not limited to: a Nobel Poot Prize, a Paddington Award, a Pootlitzer, and Time's Top 365 Under A Year list. He also recently landed the part of Old Pooteronomy in the 2021 Cats do-over. Poot hopes that these achievements will assist him in his number-one goal: just being able to survive in today's economy.

When Poot is not wiping the dribble from the mouths of Jessica and Ben, he enjoys being carried for long walks on the beach, being carried to morning tea, being lifted out of his nap basket, and sitting wherever he is set down.

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More to come!

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