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Ben and Jessica (or Jessica and Ben for the progressives) invite you to explore their magnificent Bit Empire, as you see coded before you. A website, a feeling, a state of mind… the Bit-topia takes many forms.


The gooey center of our delicious bits continues to be our monthly mail-outs. By close friends and peers, these mailers have been called “unexpected,” “an interesting use of free time,” and “stop.” Some have even been closely inspected and approved by the Japanese government -- hard fellows to impress!

Never received one of our mail-outs? Don’t worry, it’s not (all) your fault. Jessica and Ben (or Ben and Jessica for the reactionaries) do like to make their bits accessible to people whose addresses they haven’t obtained and abused with glitter. Feel free to click around on the website and you’ll see what we’ve been up to.


One humble request: whenever this website causes you to gape in wonderment at our creativity, please collect your drool in a secure container. We are conducting a drool drive for an upcoming bit.

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